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92443 Tamiya Korean Brown Racer Special Edition


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【Birth of LINE FRIENDS BROWN Racer with fresh and lively energy】

-Spec: Carbon Reinforce Dish type Low profile Wheel, Fluorescence Pink hard tire, Pink FMA chassis, Brown figure,clear blue body

The Mini 4WD Line Friends Brown Racer is based on the ‘K4 Gamboll’, a custom light truck that is gaining popularity overseas as a motif, and is a specially planned car of Tamiya Korea that was created through collaboration with Line Friends under an official license agreement. . The cute Brown from Line Friends rides as the driver. The car which consists of a clear blue body decorated with fresh Line Friends exclusive design stickers, pairing with white A-parts, and a newly released fluorescent pink chassis, is full of fresh and lively. In addition to the cute and fresh design, basic parts for the reall race are also be prepared. The lightweight durable dish-type carbon reinforced wheels are equipped with fluorescent pink-colored hard-type low-profile offset tread tires as standard. It is an effective tire because the tread can be changed by 10mm just by changing the direction of the tire which small contact area reduces resistance when cornering. In addition, the gear was set to the super speed gear of 3.5:1.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in


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