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95387 JR MASS DAMPER SET W/Ball Connectors


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    Mass dampers are an essential tuning part on circuits with elevation changes, and these are attached to the car using ball connectors. The adjusters are molded with fiber-glass material for toughness, and the included carbon fiber stay allows attachment of the block mass damper in a variety of positions.

    Set Contents
    • 6x6x32mm block weight provides a low center of gravity.
    • Rigid and lightweight carbon fiber stay has multiple holes to allow attachment of mass damper in various positions.
    • Adjusters are molded in Red nylon, and are glass fiber-reinforced for the toughness to withstand rough landings.
    • Ball connectors, screws, washers, nuts and other small parts for attachment included.
    • Compatible with MA and AR chassis cars, plus Item 15430-fitted MS, FM-A, VS, Super-II, Super X, Super XX and Super TZ-X chassis cars. Some bodies may require modification.

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