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Dojo 3 Year Anniversary Cup on 3/10/2019

dojo cup 2019 post

Dojo Will Open at 9AM
Race Start at 1PM
Dojo still non-profitable at any event! all money collect that day, it will spend on Raffle , Prize and spends!
Registration Fee: $5 for first 3 cars per class! Starting from The 4th car in each class will charge $3 increment per car.
Raffle: $1 each, every registered car will receive one free raffle ticket.
Two Classes of Race:
[ Tamiya Tune Class ] and [ Tamiya Open Class ]
Tamiya Tune Class Rule Same as Ultimate Hobby and DXN
Tuned Class: (we add one additional rule for motor Inspection)
•Each heat, Winner’s TUNE MOTOR WILL BE VERY CAREFUL INSPECT ON MOTOR TESTER, FOR MAGNET LEVEL AND Ampere intake Rate! your motor MUST BE NOT EXCEEDING more than 10% as manufacture design. Otherwise Dis-qualified. Please Do Not worry about break-in motor, Break-in motor will not change anything of motor in-taking Ampere, unless it is not a tune motor. detail we will post later.
• No cutting, trimming, sanding or modifying of any carbon, FRP or metal.
• No body dampers, hanging dampers or setups where weights will hit the car body.
• Car catcher material cannot be used to attach parts to your car.
• Chassis and body may be modified to allow for clearance of rollers, weights and sliding dampers.
• Majority of chassis and body must be present. No light weight cuts.
• Stylized rollers are acceptable (rollers that have been cut for design)
• No cutting or modifying of wheels and tires. Light sanding to true rough spots on tires is acceptable
• Wheel piercing is acceptable.
• Modification of plastic add on parts is acceptable
• Screws in the front and rear of the chassis are required to be covered or countersunk
• Tamiya rules and regulations apply.
• Batteries: 1.2v-1.5v NiMH, NiCad and Alkaline only
• Any Tuned motor (no Zen tuned)

Tamiya Open:
• Tamiya dimension rules and regulations apply.
• All parts (except the motor) may be cut- trimmed or modified.
• Replica parts not recommended! but if you are going to use replica parts, make sure your parts spec need to be same, such as Shape, material, and dimension! any un-recognizable parts which no same looking as Tamiya will not be allowed
• Batteries: 1.2v-1.5v NiMH, NiCad and Alkaline.
• Any official Tamiya motor, except “Ultra / jet”

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