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4TH GENERATION MS-L Flex Suspension chassis 95235/95234/95386/95425



You are looking at fully adjusted and completely fully active  run Flex MS-L suspension chassis,

color available on  Green/Purple/Pink/Grey/Blue/Orange/Red 95235/95234/95386/95425

Red chassis is from 95425 car kit!

chassis is 70% done by cnc machine!

30% done by MadTang Hand adjustment on all connecting gap


– all the chassis are fully adjusted and all the joint already move freely! (make sure apply hard grease on all joint and spring and gape)

-Special Spring Notch design to keep spring on correct position (see Picture 2)

-Battery compartment removed! drop battery down 2mm to give a lower center gravity ( see picture 3)   Special battery protect bar design in order to keep battery in chassis without popsicle support (see Pciture 4)

-Rear Bumper mounting point trimmed, raise up your rear bumper brake 1.5mm in order to setup brake in various heights (see Picture 5)

-Pole trimmed 5% only in order to pole stay at max Durable and also move freely thru the joint hole (see picture 6 & 7)


for any question please email us

or feel free to contact us on instagram by searching our Instagram ID “Mad_Tang”


Two Version Available

Choose the Bundle!

1. fully adjusted ms chassis with expanded and installed spring (without Support plate)

2.fully adjusted ms chassis with expanded and installed spring and 2 sets of Support plate 15499

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in


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